Fitness for pregnancy and beyond!

Summit is now a certified Fit For Birth facility! Are you pregnant or postpartum? We highly recommend you contact us about a training program- there has never been a better time to start!

What are some of the benefits of exercise during and after pregnancy? These barely scratch the surface but here’s a start:

Breathing- using the diaphragm as the primary muscle to strengthen the core, prevent/fix tearing of the abdominal wall (diastasis-recti) and reduce stress for both Mom and baby.

Exercise- focus on creating a strong foundation to help fix/prevent onset of pregnancy related pain. Rehabilitation after C-section, episiotomy, diastasis-recti, focus on endurance for labor/Birth and recovery afterwards

Thoughts- guided imagery and empowerment training to prepare for labor and birth, meditation to help with stress. A stressed Mom passes the stress onto the baby through hormonal imbalances. This is not an optimal situation for bringing a healthy human into the world!

Nutrition- learn the benefits of eating healthy for you and your baby’s development, guidelines for healthy weight gain during and weight loss after

If you have had children, you are forever postpartum- make sure your exercise program addresses any weakness or trauma to your core and pelvic floor!